Dietary Attitude to Cut Down on Cholesterol Levels

Americans and some other nations of the world have been complaining of the menace of a fattening population. People eat more than they work, and worse is that they eat unhealthy food that cause them health problems. Fast foods in most cases serve dishes that do little harm to their wallets but pose grave threats to people’s health, people’s arteries that is getting choked up by unneeded fats.

In this light, it becomes less of a shock that heart diseases have risen to take the number 1 spot among killers in the world. People now face a wide range of related ailments from diabetes to hypertension to cardiac arrest and obesity. Now many countries have citizens facing the problem of hypertension, a condition that can quickly degenerate into heart disease if left unattended.

The question that pops up is, is a solution foreseeable? Could there be a way out? Well, fortunately there is. it is a proportionate blend of consistent exercise and healthy diet. And the thing is, one does one work out the problem without the other, they work hand-in-hand.

Sticking to a healthy diet alone, without paying much attention to exercise would only work to drain energy off your muscles, weakening them, and leaving your system weak with poor resistance. Fatigue eventually sets in. Also, taking to plenty exercises without a great diet to complement it, you would end up running forward on a backward –moving floor; not going anywhere. You would remain the same way, only trimming whatever new fats you consume, without reducing the ones that had been there.

You must realize that excessive exercise can have a bad repercussion on the body and increases the tendency of a cardiovascular disease. The muscular tissues can get stretched so much as to choke the heart.

Having listed most of the don’ts, what are the do’s? What foods are you then allowed to eat in order to get the desired results and preventing the likely event of hypertension or heart disease?

Consume minimal oil

Fries are very harmful for someone on diet, you must avoid them. Stay clear from foods prepared by frying with oil, like chips, fried seafood or friend vegetables, fried meat and so on.

It is the oil in such food that eventually turns into cholesterol in the body. So rather consume foods that had been boiled or steamed or baked. If you must consume grilled foods, do so minimally as well.

Consume minimal meat

Meats contain fats, and these fats are rich in cholesterol. For your health, it would be a great decision to stay away from meat consumption, but just in case you would have difficulty doing that, do well to extract the fats that are found around the meat. Consuming Turkey and Chicken is more advisable if you extract the skin, as the cholesterol they contain dwells majorly on their skins.

Consume much of vegetables

Not only are they absent of cholesterol, they are endowed with fiber, a food nutrient that helps the body’s digestive system function more efficiently.

Ensure, as often as you can, to lightly boil the veggies before consumption in order to arouse the maximum nutrients. You definitely do not have to be reminded to stay away from additives that contain cholesterol or fats.

Ultimately consume less food

Gradually cut down on the amount of food you eat. Put in efforts to discipline your appetites, and in cases when you intend to take snacks, opt for fruit snacks, they are healthier.

Consume minimal carbohydrates, and this means reducing your intake of foods like bread, rice and cereals. And in case you would encounter difficulty keeping off these foods, consider health-friendly choices like wheat bread and brown rice.

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