What can I expect at a mesothelioma treatment center

What can I expect at a mesothelioma treatment center

A mesothelioma treatment center will have teams of doctors, nurses and other personnel to help you.  You will probably have an oncologist who will oversee all of your care.

The first thing that will happen is that the diagnosis of mesothelioma will be confirmed.  All of the tests and scans you had will be reviewed.  Some may be repeated to see if anything has changed.  There may be certain machines and equipment that can help evaluate your tumor that your local hospital did not have.

The oncologist will try to get an idea of how big your tumor is and how far it may have spread.  He or she will try to stage the disease, which means trying to find out where the tumor may have spread, how much of your lung or abdomen is involved, and is there  any evidence of metastasis, which is when the cancer travels to a different area of the body.

The oncologist and other doctors may be able to stage your tumor without another surgical procedure.  For example, if you already had a thoracoscopy and lymph nodes were examined, that may be enough information.  Or you may need a surgical procedure to see the extent of yoru tumor.

The oncologist and other doctors will also evaluate your overall state of health.  An otherwise healthy person whose mesothelioma is diagnosed quickly may be able to have a surgical procedure that can recover most of the cancer.  If your mesothelioma is in the abdomen, someone probably needs to take a look inside, at the minimum.


Exploratory surgery of some type may be needed to stage your tumor.  Staging may actually be finalized by seeing the tumor during surgery.  Sometimes staging and treatment go on at the same time.

Once your cancer is staged, you will be presented with treatment options.  There are many different treatment options, and the team working with your oncologist will try to present you with the best option, or choices of therapy.  

If you need surgery for pleural mesothelioma, a thoracic surgeon, probably who specialize in cancer treatment, will do the procedure.  If you need surgery for abdominal mesothelioma, a general surgeon or an oncologic surgeon will do the surgery.

Once treatment options have been explained, you will need to decide what therapy mgiht be best for you.  More than likely you will discuss the choices with your family and anyone else you trust to help in a situation like this.  There is counseling available for you throughout this process and after treatment. You may want to speak with a counselor.  To learn more about treatment options please visit mesothelioma lawyer locator